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Our Story

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, I learned from my dad who was a cement finisher, who also became a sub-contractor for several larger construction companies. My mother was an accountant, and I would go in the office on the weekend to help her.  My brother who had the 2nd largest black owned hand car wash in the city of Detroit, which was the start of my love for not only entrepreneurship but cooking as well.

Growing up I always had a niche for cooking. At the age of eight I was my dad prep girl, so when my mom came home, she would complete our dinner. To raise money at the age of 14 I would sell dinners at my brother’s car wash on the weekends for extra spending money. Cooking was in my blood.

After graduating high school, I put cooking to the side and entered the corporate world. Working at Comerica Bank as a courier transporting the bank mail for five years. In 1995 I started in the health care field for the state of Michigan working for autistic children until 2008. In 2009, I started purchasing foreclosing property to have an income flow. I never forgot about my first love and in 2018 I started BJ’s Curbside Café. I had a kitchen built in my basement and now selling dinners every other Sunday’s until I get my food truck and become mobile.

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